Grassroots HR Analytics Toolkit – Getting Started in HR Analytics

HR analytics still seems to be facing an uphill battle in many organizations globally.  For those of you struggling with no support and little budget, there are still ways to ramp up an effective strategy and quick wins to prove the value. The tools below are highlighted for Guerilla HR Analytics. That is, they require

Human Resources Analytics Primer

This introduction to the terminology of Business Intelligence covers some of the basic concepts often discussed in Analytics software and reporting.  While the concepts can and do fill many books, current HR software typically does not contain the breadth of data required to go beyond the basics covered below.  However, the rapidly approaching next generation of software

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy

What if we have already invested in a corporate business intelligence platform (SAP BI, Business Objects, Oracle OBIEE)? No problem.  On-premise installations of the Fuse Analytics database can be integrated with these products as well. None of these platforms are able to provide a usable baseline HR global data model out of the box. Each