If you aren't looking at all your data how can you see the big picture?

Fuse Analytics gives you a platform to consolidate and analyze your data across all of your systems.

A rush to cloud providers has left Organizational data  spread widely across multiple HCM and Payroll applications due to vendor changes, shorter system life cycles, organizational changes, and compliance or product updates.  

However users still need easy access to data to answer business questions, employee inquiries, and compliance audits.  

Fuse Analytics gives HR and Payroll users, employees, and managers secure, simple access to old and new data and documents across modules in one place rather than traversing 5 or more different source systems and queries (or worse, insecure flat files in shared drives).


Perform analysis out of the box on:

  • Employment Life cycle (hires, terms, transfers, etc.)
  • Recruiting (applicants, time to hire, cost of hire, success, etc.)
  • Position Planning/ Budgeting
  • Career Mobility (promotions, pay, etc.)
  • Payroll & Financial
  • Private and Public Analyses
  • Share analyses with your team
  • Publish dashboards to track changes
  • Build analyses using drag and drop
  • Storyboard & Present
  • No coding necessary

Got historical data scattered around?  Is it spread across multiple HCM systems because of mergers or upgrades, but you still need access to it for business inquiries, employee inquiries and compliance audits?  Fuse Analytics allows you to consolidate that data onto one platform and gives you familiar user interface to access it quickly and easily.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today simplifying your organization, keeping it secure, and doing more with your data. New insights are just around the corner!