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M&A Tool

HR COMPLIANCE TOOL Custom M&A Compliance Checklist for your company.There are lot's of policies to be aware of when conducting an M&A. Getting clarity on the compliance requirements as early as possible is critical for a successful transition. [wpforms...


ADP terminations can be tricky. Pitfalls, Lessons Learned and Best practices for ending your contract with your data history intact.

Multi Factor Authentication

Enable Multifactor AuthenticationTo enable Multifactor Authentication: Log into your Fuse Analytics portal Click on your User Account in the top right Select "Profile" Check "Require Multi Factor Authentication" Use an Authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR...

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A SaaS for your legacy people dataCreate a secure snapshot of your legacy systems in the cloud -- and drastically cut HR & IT infrastructure footprint cost and risks while upping your data privacy game.Compatible with ALL HCM & Payroll applications...


Take the Free Company Culture Assesment5 Min Survey. Your Privacy is completely protected. (That's kinda what we do...)See if you are a cultural fit within your organization.Find out if you are truly satisfied in your roleDiscover how engaged you are compared to...