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When a customer informs their data provider that they are transitioning to a new platform, they will often be provided with a sixty to ninety day deadline to extract the data. Additionally, migrating data to a new system drives up cost, and the new system may not account for all of the data of the old system. 

When migrating to a new system, customers are often faced with these common problems:

  1. SaaS users are forced to deal with their legacy data after a migration because that data is typically not a part of system migration, and the vendors will delete the data after contracts are canceled.
  2. Archiving is an after thought for most organizations which causes multiple migrations to occur.
  3. Timing of canceling an existing vendor’s contract while migrating to the next vendor is a tricky process that often leads to contract renewals because insufficient planning was put in place to make the switch.
  4. They have no way to consolidate several HR systems so that a simpler single system can be built to manage all of the legacy and archiving data.

Our solution enables legacy data archiving by changing the way data migration is performed so it is less error prone and simpler. We offer the following solutions to the problems mentioned above.

  1. A SaaS based vendor neutral platform where the full historical data can be migrated from the prior system(s).  This allows users to keep their data and cancel their existing vendor contract with confidence knowing that they have their data, and can self-service access it which reduces the need for IT involvement with day to day requests.
  2. Providing a mechanism to automate a migration to the next system based on the historical data gathered from the source system.  This provides a single conversion from legacy vendor to data archiving migration, and the destination vendor migrations are produced automatically.
  3. Having a data archiving platform with an automated migration from the legacy vendor allows you to break the link between contract signing and data migration so the migration can start before contracts are signed giving your team more lead time to finish on time without extending contracts.
  4. Vendor neutral platform opens things up to allowing multiple systems to be loaded and consolidated into a single system.  That reduces staffing, overhead, and maintenance, but also simplifies your HR landscape making other requirements simpler to achieve.

We are looking for partners who migrate HCM systems and under the existing process to help us change it for the better. We want to help you answer the difficult question raised by customers about “What do I do with my legacy data?”

Our solution is a neutral platform built to accept HCM data from any vendor, automates onboarding with the next vendor, and provides self service access to legacy data for compliance. We believe that by working together, we can scale up the customers each of us handle by automating some of the low level details and providing a smooth transition.

Benefits to partnering with Fuse Analytics:

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  • Accelerator Tools
  • Leverage the scalability and functionality of AWS

Fuse Analytics is specialized in the ETL, storing and reporting of highly sensitive PII data.

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