Making HR Strategic

Making HR Strategic

CHROs face an uphill battle in transforming the HR function today. Recruiting, Talent management, Attrition, and Compliance demand attention and HR is constantly expected to do more with less to reduce risk, manage costs, and at the same time improve quality. The right tools make a world of difference.

Employee Relations and Engagement

Employee Relations and Engagement

The function of Employee Relations is being recognized as an increasingly critical function in creating internal marketing that becomes the company brand. Brand perception in every organization directly affects engagement, turnover, and recruitment. See how Fuse helps ER groups market.

Data Archive + Document Management

Data Archive + Document Management

HRIT is often wedged in the middle of an HR department with limited budgets and IT with as limited bandwidth. Legacy system archiving and data warehouses are a common need that often get sidelined. Fuse Data + Document Lifecycle Management platform handles HR requirements with ease.

High Performer Attrition by Compensation Changes

Peril in HR Predictive Analytics

Having spent the past 15+ years in Human Resources technology,  I am generally excited about the things happening with SaaS, Mobile, and Analytics software and technology helping HR bring long awaited strategic value to organizations globally.  However, it is critical that businesses do not out-innovate themselves operationally.   Technology moves at such a rapid pace

Humpty Dumpty HR cloud

The single biggest challenge to HR strategic reporting is…

Fragmentation. More data in more places than ever before. Step 1 to getting ahead of the curve is consolidating your critical data all in one spot for HR where it can be secured and also managed according to data privacy compliance rules globally. Over the past 10-15 years most organizations matured with enterprise HR leveraging systems like PeopleSoft and


Back to school reading for HR Analytics

There are a few books we have run across that are excellent foundations in transforming HR into a strategic business function using Analytics. The HR Value Proposition by Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank A milestone book for HR professionals that led the way to HR beginning to transform itself into a strategic organizational function.  Start here if


Human Resources Analytics Primer

This introduction to the terminology of Business Intelligence covers some of the basic concepts often discussed in Analytics software and reporting.  While the concepts can and do fill many books, current HR software typically does not contain the breadth of data required to go beyond the basics covered below.  However, the rapidly approaching next generation of software

Consolidate data from fragmented “best-of-breed” enterprise software throughout your organization.

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy

What if we have already invested in a corporate business intelligence platform (SAP BI, Business Objects, Oracle OBIEE)? No problem.  On-premise installations of the Fuse Analytics database can be integrated with these products as well. None of these platforms are able to provide a usable baseline HR global data model out of the box. Each