Archive Data from any global HR or payroll application.

Fuse Analytics delivers the ability to easily access your archived legacy HRIS data, anytime through a secure Internet browser . Eliminate costly idle legacy applications forever while still maintaining the historical records you require.

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy
Intuitive Analytics empowers your HR strategy.

Get a jump start in HR Analytics. Workforce Analytics can be deployed in a matter of weeks rather than months leveraging our global HR data model and user friendly platform. No matter how messy your HRIS landscape may be, we can help you get there quickly.

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy
Rapid Integration gets you across the finish line quicker.

Fuse has preconfigured data extract capabilities available for a multitude of global HR and payroll applications. Our advanced engine will effortlessly transform and load your legacy and current data.

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy
Cloud Deployment eliminates maintenance and lowers costs.

Deploy an HR data warehouse overnight in the cloud. Our platform is designed to store massive quantities of data and has the most stringent of security standards.

The HR Data Warehouse-as-a-Strategy

Easy access to your data from anywhere, even from your pocket

Fuse Analytics is the only HR Data Management as a Service provider that focuses solely on Human Resources. Our products and services are designed to Fuse all of your HR data, including from idle legacy applications and global payroll systems.

Our solutions reduce compliance risk and lower the cost of maintenance, all while enabling valuable insight into your data. For more information, take a tour and learn what Fuse Analytics can do for you.