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Create a snapshot of your legacy systems in the cloud to remain in compliance, while maintaining full access to your data with reporting, cut IT expenses and security exposure by sunsetting legacy systems and minimize legal risks by retiring data systematically.

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A SaaS for your enterprise legacy people data

If you are planning to migrate a HCM or HR & Payroll system, or have recently done so, what do you plan to do with your legacy data? Many companies fail to realize that important & legally required records get lost; either physically, or in a sea or unorganized data that requires IT days to uncover. Fuse Analytics deploys a hybrid warehouse overnight, in the cloud, securely and at a fraction of the cost of home-brew solutions.

Simplify Your Data

Whether it is multiple systems from upgrades or corporate mergers having multiple HCM and other human resource systems destroy your productivity. Learn how data archiving can simplify your landscape and increase your teams productivity by simplifying.

Secure Your Data

Human Resources data is sensitive data that must be secure. Fuse Analytics gives you the tools to ensure your data is protected with Role based access, end to end encryption, and features that enable you to easily comply with regulations.

Analyze Your Data

Big Data for people analytics is consolidation of all of the data in one place. What holds you back is inability to use all of your data to analyze and make decisions. Find out how Fuse Analytics enables real Big Data for Human Resources.

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HR and Payroll Data Retention & Archiving Compliance

Switching HR or Payroll vendors requires you to have a data retention strategy for the data left in your legacy system. Federal regulations require you to retain this legacy data, but there are many regulations that cover this data. It is common practice to leave old...

Culture, Communication, and Engagement

If it isn’t broken… Don’t fix it… but how do you know if your culture is broken? What do you do even if you know it is?   Where Workforce Analytics meets traditional Organizational Dynamics often can be the roadmap to improving your culture, diversity and in turn...

Understanding New Hires vs Total New Hires

In another post we discussed the difference between terminations and total terminations. There is similar concept on the hiring side with a twist. I'm going to cover that same topic on the hiring side by looking at new hires and total new hires, but I am going to go a...

Understanding Terminations vs Total Terminations

In a prior post we talked about why retro-terms or retro-hires were used to communicate how head count was changing. It adds some complexity to understanding your workforce, but it's vital to understanding how numbers can change over time. When someone terminates it...

What are Retro Hires and Retro Terms?

Human resources is complicated. It's messy. Thus, keeping track of things is even messier. All of this messiness leads to esoteric concepts like retro-hires and retro-terms. Retro-hires and retro-terms capture a specific situation that rises because of the underlying...

How long is too long for data retention?

Data retention became a hot topic after GDPR thrust the right to be forgotten into the world. But how do you do it and still remain compliant with other laws that require you to retain data for a minimum length of time? Well as you probably predicted it is...

Position Management Enables Better Analytics

There are lots of ways to think about position management. Industries have specialized techniques that apply to certain verticals, and may use specialized metrics to help them plan. Position management involves the metrics you use to analyze employee forecasting and...

Head Count and the many ways to calculate it

No other metric is more fundamental to Human Resources (HR) than head count. It's used in so many other calculations that obtaining an accurate count is vitally important for other more interesting analytical metrics. Head count is simple in its idea which is count up...

Archive and Migrate Your HR Data in one Step

Archiving your human resources data is never your first thought when you have bought a new system. As a kid can you imagine playing with your old toys when you just got a branch new toy? It is a similar feeling for us adults when we get new HR systems. "Finally we're...

The Cloud has fundamentally changed migrating human resource data

The world seldom stays the same for long, especially these days, and human resources is no different. Just 10 years ago the average time a company would make a new human resource system was every 7.5 years. Now it's closer to 3.5 years which means migrating data is...

How to break up with your HR vendor

Breaking up is hard to do as they say, and that's true for when enterprises break-up too. Sure maybe lawyers don't drive-by slowly blaring their favorite break-up tune then speed off loudly when they catch a glimpse of their defendants. But make no mistake, B2B...

How can legacy HCM system stop GDPR compliance?

If you've ever been involved in HCM system migration you know what a massive effort that is to move between HCM systems. You also know that acquiring companies means usually there will be another HCM system or at a minimum payroll that needs to be integrated. If...

Data Archiving and GDPR compliance

Enterprise Tech had a great article on some often overlooked technical aspects of GDPR compliance. The interesting point here is that having integrated data archiving in place makes GDPR compliance easier to achieve. When it comes to handling data migration, data...

A Simpler Data Quality Solution for HCM and ERP

The trend in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM) has been to move much of the functions out of the single system.  Specialized products over the last 10 years have sprung up focusing only on portions of a HCM system.  Enterprises can...

HR & Payroll Merger Checklist

checklist for payroll mergers ☑️ Payroll mergers from deals often land on HR and Payroll (and HRIT) without much warning and often without additional resourcing help to handle a successful operational consolidation effort. This often results in a failure to realize...

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