Transform your People Data

Create a secure snapshot of your legacy systems in the cloud — and drastically cut HR & IT infrastructure footprint cost and risks while upping your data privacy game.

Compatible with ALL HCM & Payroll applications including:

Ultimate Software UltiPro
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ADP Workforce ADP Enterprise HR ADP Globalview

A SaaS for archiving People Data

FuseHR is a Data Warehousing SaaS allowing you to start with a clean slate, providing a clear view of the past, so you can focus on the future. 

Simplify Your Data

Whether it is multiple systems from upgrades or corporate mergers having multiple HCM and other human resource systems destroy your productivity. Learn how data archiving can simplify your landscape and increase your teams productivity by simplifying.

Secure Your Data

Human Resources data is sensitive data that must be secure. Fuse Analytics gives you the tools to ensure your data is protected with Role based access, end to end encryption, and features that enable you to easily comply with regulations.

Analyze Your Data

Big Data for people analytics is consolidation of all of the data in one place. What holds you back is inability to use all of your data to analyze and make decisions. Find out how Fuse Analytics enables real Big Data for Human Resources.

Enterprise features:



Self Service

PII Lifecycle Management

What’s your migration strategy?

Chances are, you have changed HCM or HR & Payroll systems at some point. What many companies fail to realize, it that important (& legally required) records get lost, either physically, or in a sea or unorganized data.¬†Deploy a hybrid warehouse overnight in the cloud securely and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions — create a snapshot of your legacy system in the cloud.


Don’t let legacy data be a privacy & security risk

Common Mistakes FuseHR can help you avoid:

Developing custom in house solutions.

Focus on what you do best.

Continuing to pay for legacy software

which quickly becomes cost prohibitive & creates technical debt

Implementing a data lake

creates risk for personal data handling, impedes the ability to respond to regulatory audits or subpoenas.


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Strategies for Archiving HR & Payroll Data

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