How long do you keep your data?

The right to be forgotten is a hot topic today given GDPR has put that right into law now. But in the event someone or an event requires you to actually execute someone being forgotten how do you do it, and still remain compliant with other laws that require you to keep data for a

Analytics: Head Count and its many forms

No other metric is more fundamental to Human Resources (HR) than head count. It’s used in so many other calculations that obtaining an accurate head count is vitally important for other more interesting analytical metrics. Head count is simple in it’s idea which is count up everyone that is an employee of the company. Counting

Archive and Migrate Your HR Data in one Step

Archiving your human resources data is never your first thought when you have bought a new system. As a kid can you imagine playing with your old toys when you just got a branch new toy? It is a similar feeling for us adults when we get new HR systems. “Finally we’re going to fix

The Cloud has fundamentally changed migrating human resource data

The world seldom stays the same for long, especially these days, and human resources is no different. Just 10 years ago the average time a company would make a new human resource system was every 7.5 years. Now it’s closer to 3.5 years which means migrating data is happening faster and faster. Whether you are

How to break-up with your HR vendor

Breaking up is hard to do as they say, and that’s true for when enterprises break-up too. Sure maybe lawyers don’t drive-by slowly blaring their favorite break-up tune then speed off loudly when they catch a glimpse of their defendants. But make no mistake, B2B break-ups can be no less ugly, especially if you haven’t

Data Archiving and GDPR compliance

Enterprise Tech had a great article on some technical aspects of GDPR compliance that are often forgotten. The interesting point here is that having integrated data archiving in place makes GDPR compliance easier to achieve when it comes to handling data migration, data sharing, dark data, “leaver” data, chain of custody, and other topics that

A Simpler Data Quality Solution

The trend in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM) has been to move much of the functions out of the single system.  Specialized products over the last 10 years have sprung up focusing only on portions of a HCM system.  Enterprises can easily have Workday Or Ultimate Pro for employee management, ADP

Increasing the ROI of Workforce Analytics by Single Sourcing

Workforce Analytics is a difficult task for any organization.  It’s a deep subject with lots of techniques, tricks, and gotchas.  However, before most organizations can begin to argue over statistic models they struggle with the mundane task of data collection.  In todays digital world organizations are usually generating the necessary data to perform analytics, but what’s missing is

Data Management 101

Mastering the basics have been a hallmark of many successful people.  No one made fundamentals more central to their success than Vince Lombardi.  The start of the 1961 season started with Lombardi focusing on skills like blocking and tackling for a group of professionals that just blown a 4th quarter lead to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Relearning

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