So you’re leaving
Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard to do. Just be aware of these common pitfalls and misconceptions:
ADP will NOT assist with data extraction of historical data nor with conversions to a new system typically.

ADP contracts very often have no stipulation that ADP needs to assist or provide you any assistance with historical data.  Your options vary by product but none of those mentioned above have clear exit paths for acquiring your full history.  Therefore, assume you are on your own going into the efforts required.


Standard reports are the only common option from ADP to extract data and they are not sufficient to acquire the historical data required for typical labor audits subpoenas
You must use custom reports to pull historical data correctly and completely.  This requires some knowledge regarding the methodology and pitfalls with regard custom reporting options.
Restrictions may be placed on addition of new users, roles and account features immediately upon termination notification which obstructs the ability to pull data and add people resources to assist.

Many customers wait until after converting to the new vendor to archive applications which can often be too late.  To work around this you will need to start your archiving at the same time you are implementing a new replacement vendor and make archiving part of the conversion efforts as part of an all-in-one rollover strategy.It may leave you out of compliance with Federal and state labor audit agencies.

Timeline for contract extensions to hold data may be severely limited and ADP may elect to terminate after 60-90 days with no extension as per contracts
We help customers through this transition quickly and effectively through:
ADP source system and technology expertise
ETL tools dedicated to secure PII data migration
Easy access in the cloud to all your historical data and documents
Compliant, proven methodology to ensure data acquisition is clean and complete.
ADP may archive data older than 3 years which leaves you one or more years short for data retention compliance.
In addition to the restriction of users & access as well as the need to build custom reports, SaaS vendors like ADP impose a maximum time limit to pull data in a usable format.  These collective constraints often leave customers unable to terminate with data history fully intact and requires HR and Payroll to rely on paper records and manual efforts in responding to audit inquiries & subpoenas regarding employment, time and payroll history.  It also often leaves you unable to reprint paystubs or tax forms for employees.
It may leave you out of compliance with Federal and state labor audit agencies.

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