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WHY Fuse HR?

Fuse HR will revolutionise the way you store, access and pay for HR data, and provides integrated analytics across disparate data systems.

HR Data model out of the box. We provide the data model and modeling you need to enable People Analytics so you can fill the model with your data.

Consolidate multiple systems to get the big picture of your organization. If you have multiple HR systems doing analysis across multiple packages is complex and virtually impossible. FuseHR allows you to consolidate data models from multiple systems to get that big picture view of your data across all geographies.

HR Analytics is tough, but it’s even tougher to produce trend data based on history. How do you know where you are if you don’t know where you’ve been? FuseHR makes building metrics over time as simple as it gets.

Workforce planning has been a goal for decades, but extremely difficult to achieve and analyze that activity because it requires trending data.

Without historical data machine learning and predictions are extremely suspect at best.

Fuse HR

Pull complex reports with ease. Self service analytics for front line HR people so it’s easier to get the data you need to make your decisions quickly.


 End of Period Headcount
 Average Headcount
 Headcount Growth
 Time in Position
 Net Promotions
 Time Since Last Promotion
 New Hire
 Retro Hire
 Net Hires
 Retro Terms
 Terminations Growth
 Voluntary / Involuntary

Workforce Planning

 Budgeted Headcount
 Key Headcount
 Planned Headcount


Benefit Participation


Time since Last Bonus
Time since Last Salary Increase
Salary Growth


Number of Applicants
Number of Offers
Number of Accepts
Time to First Application
Time to First Offer
Time to Accept
Time to Fill Position

Income and Balance Sheet

Revenue / Head
Earnings / Head
Operating Expenses
Other Expenses

Less IT involvement for HR functions

Robust Security

The site is fully GDPR compliant and follows strict protocols on data storage and security

Easily find information on any of these topics

Diversity & Inclusion

Women in Leadership

Employee Relations


HR Efficiency

Learning and Development




Gender Pay Gap


Higher Education 


Life Sciences


Ready to transform your HR landscape? Enter your details below to speak with a Fuse Analytics representative.

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